[Samba] ArcView + Samba: Performance nightmare under Linux,ok under Solaris or HP-UX

Andreas Haumer andreas at xss.co.at
Wed Jul 12 16:38:43 GMT 2006

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Hi Martin,

many thanks for your reply!

Martin Zielinski schrieb:
> Andreas Haumer wrote:
>> The main question IMHO still ist: why does the application
>> request the files differently when changing the Samba server
>> operating system (and the Samba servers itself are configured
>> identically)?
>> IMHO the client shouldn't even know the server's operating system,
>> should it?
> [...]
> I've no idea, why the system should make a difference between the both
> operating systems.
> But these jumps in the files could be caused by an Anti-Virus software
> tracing the the files. I've seen a (quite) similar behaviour with PnP
> driver files.

This problem occurs in my test environment with WindowsXP SP1
without any additional software (except ESRI's ArcView GIS 3.3)

It's a standard installation from the Microsoft Windows CD
without any firewall, Virus Scanner or similar software installed
or activated.

I'm using the same client for my tests with the Solaris and the
Linux server!

- - andreas

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