[Samba] samba share permission

Julien de Luca {Integrated Systems Ltd} julien.deluca at integratedsystemsmru.com
Wed Jul 12 13:55:46 GMT 2006

Just finished setting up a samba Server and having problems with file
permissions. I have a main folder 'company' and subfolders like accounting,
human resources, marketing. Unfortunately I cannot create separate shares
for each folders as some members need to have access to all groups.. (I have
20 subfolders and 15 groups!). I also have a document management software
running on the same share and accessing all 20 subfolders!...


I have tried setting up smb.conf to restrict access according to group and
users. As soon as I implement some GROUP access on samba I start having
access problems whereby files cannot be accessed by members of that group.
If anyone can help by supplying a version of SMB.conf that should do the job
I would much appreciate! Any HELP is appreciated.. :-)







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