[Samba] Update -> Someone with "Access Denied" from Windows pls try this test to compare notes with me

Adam Todd adam at todd.inoz.com
Tue Jul 11 19:10:23 GMT 2006

Wow, an old message from 2004 and I'm seeing the same problem across my 
network presently.


What is interesting is that there were not problems until about 4 weeks 
ago.  At first I thought it might be me and my numerous passwords getting 
confused, but then my wofes laptop started showing the same symptoms.

Both laptops have Windows XP SP2 installed.

My two samba servers are 3.0.4   ALPHA and FEP1

I get Access Denied in Windows and of course SAMBA returns 

However here's the twist.

My Win95 workstation has no problem talking to ALPHA and FEP1

And a further twist two other servers WWW and OTHERWOMAN are running Samaba 
2.0.5a, where the laptops and the Win95 workstation can all access.  (I 
haven't added the Mac's to this mix as yet, I think from memory they were 
working just fine.)

 From ALPHA using smbclient I can connect and map to all shared services on 

What is important is that LAPA and LAPB had NO problem communicating with 
ALPHA2 prior to a few weeks ago.  There are no filewall problems or 
restrictions and the LAP's can Browse, get a SHARE listing, but not get 
access to the files or paths.

(I haven't tried printers, I want to move my Laser and Inkjets from the NT4 
server to ALPHA asap but can't do that if my shares aren't working!)

So the bottom line is that SAMBA 3.0.4 being accessed from Win XP SP2 has a 
problem wherein the user can authenticate and connect, get a share list, 
but can not access anything within the shares.

Now the simple solution may be to upgrade SAMBA, however I have a number of 
servers and I'm trying to maintain a base configuration across everything.

My concern is that it WAS working fine from December 2005 when I deployed 
the server until lets say 15 June 2006.  Since June 2006 the Win XP SP2 
laps can't get into the shares.

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