[Samba] Samba x Windows XP

Roberval Fagundes roberval.fagundes at ksbr-it.kroschu.com
Tue Jul 11 14:55:07 GMT 2006


The environment im my company is:
PC's usging Windows XP Operating System
File server using Debian 3.1 with samba 3.0.14a

The problem is:
Each user has a different samba configuration.
a user called "test" has the following configuration:
   comment = Database Engenharia
   path = /usr4/Programs/BD
   writeable = yes
   browseable = Yes

   comment =  Config_BDE Engpro_srv01
   path = /usr4/Programs/Config_BDE
   writeable = yes
   browseable = Yes

After this user login on Windows, the mapping drivers are OK, but pressing F5 for some minutes, the mapping drivers change and are
presented new drivers, different from a smb.conf from this user.

I don't know if it's a problem with a samba cache.

Could you please, help us to solve this problem ???


Roberval Fagundes
Information Tecnology Dept.
Kromberg & Schubert Brazil
e-mail: rofag at ksbr-it.kroschu.com
Phone : 55 11 4524-9070
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