[Samba] I want to use CNAMES for my SAMBA server, how?

Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at samba.org
Mon Jul 10 20:00:51 GMT 2006

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Mann, Roy (RGMR) wrote:
>  I have a RedHat Enterprise 3 server running SAMBA 3.0.10.   The server
> has been joined to the Active Directory forest using its fully qualified
> domain name.
>  Windows clients can successfully map drives using that fully qualified
> name,  However, services have a tendency to be moved or need failover
> during maintenance
>  so I would prefer to tell customers to use a service alias like
> smbserver3.rest.ofthe.domain.com.  When clients use that alias, I can
> see attempts at kerberos
>  authentication in the logs on the SAMBA server using the canonical FQDN
> so Windows is getting the right address, talking to the right smbd, but
> authentication fails.

If you are using CNAMES, add the appropriate servicePrincipalName
to the machine's object in AD.  Something like adsiedit works well.

cheers, jerry
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