[Samba] ArcView + Samba: Performance nightmare under Linux, o k under Solaris or HP-UX

Andreas Haumer andreas at xss.co.at
Mon Jul 10 18:46:02 GMT 2006

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Hi Tony!

Many thanks for your reply!

Hoover, Tony schrieb:
> Have you checked the network end of things?  This is the same type of thing
> I see when the NIC and ethernet switch don't autonegotiate to the same
> settings.
This is what I initially thought, too, but now I'm quite sure
it's not a layer 1 or layer 2 problem.

On the production site we have 100BaseTX and 1000baseT Ethernet
between server and clients and network performance is "as expected"
(i.e. up to 9 or 10MB/s for Fast Ethernet, up to 40 or 50MB/s for
Gigabit Ethernet). I get similar numbers for NFS, FTP and Samba
large file transfers.

On my test installation both server and client are running
in a VMware virtual machine on the same host and networking
is "virtual", so there isn't even a switch involved...

It's only a specific application (ArcView GIS) showing this
problem, all other applications accessing the Linux Samba
server are running fine with both the Solaris and the Linux

Also, hardware problems IMHO wouldn't explain the difference
in file access patterns between the Solaris and the Linux
servers (4866 pread64() system calls on Solaris against
more than 325000 pread64() system calls on Linux, this must
be something really fundamental!)

But thank you for your input anyway!

- - andreas

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