[Samba] Visualization problem

Andres Tarallo tarallo at ort.edu.uy
Mon Jul 10 18:13:17 GMT 2006

I have a share that is called \\server\mantenimiento. This server is
intended to be acceded by my operators, that do renaming of files and 
prunning in all the shares. We're ussing samba 3.023rc3.

Today they called me in order to show me that a directory named
\\server\mantenimiento\con was lost, in fact it isn't lost samba shows
it as  smb://server/mantenimiento/CSHOFG~F. it appears to me that int
has the true name, and everything should work. I tried renaming it, but
had no luck.

Any ideas will be appreciated, eventhough this seems to be a bug


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