[Samba] corrupt files on samba server

staublunge at ichkommnichmehrklar.de staublunge at ichkommnichmehrklar.de
Mon Jul 10 13:29:20 GMT 2006

Hello all,

I've got a strange problem on the samba servers here at my  
workingplace. The problem is that we have some files on these machines  
which seem to be corrupt. Mostly the corrupt files are images, excel  
cheets and sometimes Word documents. We have no idea why these files  
become corrupt. We have tested some things:
We copied a whole folder to the samba server. The result was that some  
of the files inside are corrupt now on the server. In the next step we  
copied not the whole folder, but one or two specific files from this  
folder to the samba server. The result was: The files wasn't corrupt.  
We have no idea why.
The real problem is, that we got know more and more users who tell us  
that some of there files are corrupt. We don't know what we should  
tell them, we don't know if the problem is on our side or on user side  
(to long filenames, to long folder names, etc) or whatever. Is it a  
known bug? Is there a known workaround? Because in this kind of state  
we could shut down the samba server. It makes not many sense with this  
kind of behavior

Now some basic infos :
- Installed OS on Server: SuSE Linux Enterprise Server 9
         (I had no choice of that *gg*)
- Samba-Server Verion: 3.0.22 self compiled (standart SuSE gcc-3.3.3)
         (./configure --prefix=/usr/local --with-configdir=/usr/local/etc )
- Client Software: Mac OS X 10.x, Windows XP SP2, Windows 2000 SP4
- I don't post my samba config here because I think it makes no sense.
   If you need the config anyway, please let me know.

Is that enough information? Do you need more? There is nothing special  
in the syslog or the samba log. I hope you can work with this infos.

Thx for your help

With kind regards

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