[Samba] Re:Migrating to Samba File Server- WERR_ACCESS_DENIED, Access Denied

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Mon Jul 10 07:10:08 GMT 2006

Hi all,

I have tried Robocopy. It seems Ok. I can copy files and folders with 
permissions using Robocopy as seen below.

robocopy source destination  /COPY:S

Even though Robocopy seems Ok, please answer the question about 
scopy,permcopy and net rpc migrate usage problem which gives message 
"WERR_ACCESS_DENIED, access denied"

My current problem is about copied permissions. I have some folders on my NT 
file server. NTFS permissions  are allowed except Full Control for some 
users.  When I copy folders with permissions from NT box to Linux box, the  
folders get "rwx"  ACL for the users. When I check these ACLs at Windows 
Explorer, Full Control permission seems allowed.

My questions are:

1)howto copy permissions without Full Control permission allowed.
2)If a user creates a folder in those copied folders, It gets full control 
permission on the new folder ( Ok. I see it. Because the user has "rwx" ACL 
and  is owner of the folder.) I want user not to have Full Control on files 
or folders. It is possible on Windows with "Modify" permission. How to 
assign users "Modify" permission for the folders placed at Linux file 

Thanks for prompt responses,

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