[Samba] Question: simple setup with two subnets

Martin Richtarsky s at martinien.de
Sat Jul 8 19:01:03 GMT 2006


I could use a tip or two to get the following setup to work:

I have a Win2k box with two network cards, the first connected to a
private LAN (192.168.6.x) which has an uplink and a few other hosts
connected, the second card is linked to a second private LAN with a
backup box on it, which runs Debian sarge with Samba 3.0.14a-Debian. I
want to backup from Win2k by mapping the shares to drive letters. This
worked fine while the backup box was on the same subnet as the Win2k
box. Now, I can't reach it in any way. I have tried various settings:

- local master/domain controller stuff
- lmhosts files both on Windows and Samba
- disabling "File/printer sharing" for the second private LAN (to
prevent Win2k from messing up)
- on Win2k, disabling the other network connection so there was only the
one to the backup box left

No success with these.

I don't even need browsing, so if there is a way to get this to work
just so I can use "net use ..." on Win2k this will do.


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