[Samba] Sorry for all the messages, I'm just trying to get a few answers here

Craig White craigwhite at azapple.com
Sat Jul 8 04:08:09 GMT 2006

On Fri, 2006-07-07 at 19:10 -0700, Doug VanLeuven wrote:

> Someone correct me if I'm wrong, then point samba at itself
> (I've been using windows servers for WINS)
> wins server =
you're wrong - wins support = yes is sufficient
> PS - You could have migrated your server with just about an identical
> configuration to the 2.2 one and had just about identical characteristics.
One of the dangers of a mail list is getting wildly different answers
based upon people's recollection of documentation that has continually
evolved/improved and thus in many respects, answers that deter someone
from checking the smb.conf man page or the official how-to or even the
simplified by example is likely counter-productive.

One of the things that became apparent to me as I switched from Samba
2.2.x to Samba 3.0.x was that even though many of the directives seemed
to stay the same, their meaning changed enough to force you to rethink
the configuration - which I guess is the main point of upgrading/reading
the documentation. The fact that the documentation covers the situation
of upgrading from Samba 2 to Samba 3 seems to re-enforce the notion that
the documentation is the place to start and if/when things aren't
working as expected, then post up but it seems certain that if you
follow the documentation, most things are going to work without much

When you get someone that lacks a commitment to the configuration that
they desire to achieve and then it appears that a combination of 1) not
understanding Windows Networking technology, 2) not digesting the
documentation, 3) sheer frustration evidenced by massive changes to
smb.conf file, that all are working against the administrator and then
it would seem the best course of action is to suggest to this
administrator that he review the documentation.

In this particular instance, the OP wants to stop logging errors about
WINS server and when I tell the OP that he should put 'wins support =
yes' in his smb.conf and that all goes away, he says "I'm not using a
WINS server and I don't need a WINS server". That's when I knew it was
time to remove myself from help mode and suggest that OP rely upon


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