[Samba] Samba printing --- why bother

malcolm malcolm at malcolm-agnew.de
Fri Jul 7 09:00:17 GMT 2006

Printing from a Windoze box to a linux printer has alway been incredibly slow 
via Samba.

After I purchased a new printer it was so slow that most Window clients gave 

The solution is to avoid Samba alltogether and set up the printer on Windows 
as an internet printer, i.e.:


Then printing is subjectively as fast remote as it is local (instead of maybe 
200 - 300 times slower via Samba).

My question: since I cannot be the only one to encounter such behaviour 
(google verifies that I am not alone), why don't the samba developers either 
fix this bug, or disable printing over samba and recommend the internet 

Malcolm Agnew


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