[Samba] SMBD using nearly 100 percent CPU

Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at samba.org
Fri Jul 7 14:34:30 GMT 2006

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andy liebman wrote:

> Note that rpc.statd also seems to be out of control. 
> Don't know if it is related.

Are you re-exporting nfs file systems by chance?

ok.  Steps to trouble shoot.

* Figure out what IP address is associated with that
  smbd process and get a network capture to find out if
  the high CPU is just caused by a chatty client.

* Second, strace -p <pid>.  Look for recurring patterns.
  If the culprit is an fcntl() call, try to associate
  the file descriptor with an actual file.  The fd is
  the first parameter to fcntl().  You can look up the
  fd in /proc/<pid>/fd/

* Finally, Try to figure out where in the code the
  CPU is being eaten.  Either gdb or perhaps log levels
  will tell you.

cheers, jerry
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