[Samba] How do I troubleshoot this panic?

Trimble, Ronald D Ronald.Trimble at unisys.com
Fri Jul 7 14:17:13 GMT 2006

ReiserFS is a problem?  It's the default.  I would imagine you would be
seeing tons of complaints if it was due to the fs, don't you agree?

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On Fri, Jul 07, 2006 at 10:08:24AM -0400, Trimble, Ronald D wrote:
> Maybe I jumped the gun a little too soon Jerry.  After successfully
> logging into the server a few times, it has stopped working again.
> file has been recreated.  
> I am using the default SUSE Linux 10.1 install.  Any other ideas?

This sounds a lot like reiserfs....

Try to put all the .tdb files on ext3.


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