[Samba] Re: setting up Samba server as a PDC

Eric Evans eje4 at cornell.edu
Fri Jul 7 13:21:10 GMT 2006

I'm still not able to connect to the Samba server as a PDC from the client 
machine.  I've added root as a Samba account in smbpasswd, and I've added 
the IP address of the Samba server machine to the WINS server list on the 
client.  But I still get a "network path not found" when I try to configure 
the client to be a member of the domain.

> > Does anyone have any idea if there is anything further that I need to do
> > to set up the Samba server as a PDC?
>You need to either, a) first create a machine account in UNIX and Samba for
>that client you're adding,

OK, I hate to seem like I'm terribly dense here, but I guess I am.  What is 
a "machine account"?  I'm only familiar with accounts for users, not 

>or b) make use of the 'add machine script' in

Sorry, but what "add machine script" are you referring to?  I'm not 
familiar with any add machine script.

I don't mean to be unnecessarily annoying, but I've never used domains 
before and I'm still very unclear on what exactly is required to set up a 
domain controller.  Is there some good documentation on this somewhere that 
I could refer to?  The Samba documentation seems to be sadly deficient on 
the topic of how to set up a Samba server as a PDC.  If anyone has any 
further advice or guidance on how in the world one can get a Samba server 
to work as a PDC, I'd greatly appreciate it.

Thanks very much,

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