[Samba] setting up Samba server as a PDC

Eric Evans eje4 at cornell.edu
Fri Jul 7 12:42:03 GMT 2006

Thanks.  It's still not working though.  A couple of things concern me 
about your advice.  First of all I can't smbpasswd -a root on our Windows 
server because we don't have a Windows server.  Secondly we can't change 
the network properties on the DHCP server because we don't have a DHCP 
server.  So I'm now starting to wonder if what I am trying to do is even 
technically feasible at all with our current PC & Samba setup.  We have a 
Sun workstation that is running the Samba server.  And we have several PC 
clients, some of which run Win2k and some WinXP.  That's it.  What I would 
LIKE to be able to do is to set up our system to enable domain logons from 
the Windows clients.  Is that something that is technically feasible with 
our current setup or not?  If so, how could I accomplish that?

Thanks a lot,

>you have to use root with root's password.  smbpasswd -a root  also on the 
>windows server you need to set the IP address of the samba server as your 
>WINS server in the network properties or on your DHCP server settings.
>Eric Evans wrote:
>>I'm still trying to set up our Samba server as a PDC.  I tried to do this 
>>yesterday and couldn't get my clients to recognize the server as a domain 
>>controller.  Someone on this list suggested that I upgrade my Samba from 
>>version 2 to 3.  I've done that, and things seem to be a little better 
>>than they were yesterday.  Now when I go to my Windows client machine and 
>>try to set it up for domain logins, it no longer tells me that there is 
>>no domain controller when I enter the domain name in the system control 
>>panel.  Instead, it prompts me for a name and password of an account with 
>>permission to join the domain.  So I enter my username and 
>>password.  Then I get an error message that says that the network path 
>>could not be found.
>>Does anyone have any idea if there is anything further that I need to do 
>>to set up the Samba server as a PDC?

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