[Samba] Re: strange BDC Behaviour

John D Paul jdpaul at gocolumbiamo.com
Thu Jul 6 14:51:35 GMT 2006

> \\FS1\share the login box comes up asking for username and password.
> When I enter the IP address of FS1 e.g. \\\share I can
> connect, also when I enter the FQDN e.g. \\FS1.mydomain.de\share the
> connection works.

This sounds like it might be a name resolution issue. I noticed that the
domain controller had wins support = yes. You should set your other servers
to use wins server = <ip of wins server> option. Finally, set all of your
windows clients AND your TS server to use that server as their WINS server.
See if that helps.

> What we noticed is, that clients on the TS usually use the BDC for
> loging on to the network which shouldn't be I suppose. As far as I
> understand it, the client should sign on to the network via the PDC and
> only use the BDC if the former fails. Right????
No, the BDC will respond to logon requests FIRST to keep the load 
off of the PDC.

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