[Samba] Samba and LDAP (eDirectory)

Joel Lord jpl at ilk.org
Thu Jul 6 14:23:59 GMT 2006

   In the case of eDirectory, if you install the samba extensions that 
come with OES and use "universal password" it will just work.  It even 
extends the management tools to handle the Samba users and their 
existance under UNIX (Linux, but it works fine from a Solaris samba 
server as well, and probably any other you can find.)

Esquivel, Vicente wrote:

>Hello all,
>Can anyone help me with setting up SAMBA to do LDAP auth?  Do you have
>to extend the schema with samba attributes or can you just use the LDAP
>as an authentication source only?  Any information on this would be
>greatly appreciated.

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