[Samba] Samba backup and restore with LDAP

Schoenfeld ingo_schoenfeld at gmx.de
Wed Jul 5 13:58:53 GMT 2006

i use slapcat to backup my Ldap - Database and slapadd to restore it.
Beware: stop LDAP before Backup!!! 
To Backup my SAMBA  Files i tar my /etc/samba/* files.
Don't forget the /etc/ldap.conf file.

Am Mittwoch, den 05.07.2006, 14:26 +0100 schrieb Sandy McCarthy:
> Hi
> I have a problem with a production server (Acer Altos G5350) SLE9 SP3 with Samba 3.0.20b-3.4). It provides shares for about 15 Windows workstations. I purchased it with an Adaptec Hostraid a320 controller (using two 146mb Seatgate drives mirrored with Hostraid) but slowly realising that getting up tod ate kernel supported drivers for these cards is near impossible. When I installed SLE9 it used the default AIC79xx driver which I believe is only rated at 160 and not 320 and although the system appears to run it causes SCSI transmission errors when disk is being thrashed
> Anyway to my Samba question....I need to format this server again and start from scratch as I have decided to use the Linux mirror feature as it doesn't rely on kernel drivers from adaptec (bit of a waste of a hardware raid controller but don't want to use windows 2003 server. I use samba as a PDC but not for roaming profiles. I use LDAP backend (all default stuff from Yast within SLE9) and once I have my system backup and running I don't want to go back around and register all the workstations again. Is there a way to backup by files, ldap info and samba info so that when the system is restored, the workstations won't know the difference?
> Slightly off topic...if anyone as any usefull info on using adaptec a320 controllers under linux would be glad of the help. If there is still a chance to use it then great.
> Thanks
> Sandy

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