[Samba] Suse 10.1 with samba servers 3.0.22 & 3.0.23rc3 only seen by Suse 10.1 samba client as cifs

Thomas Limoncelli limoncelli at web.de
Wed Jul 5 09:02:24 GMT 2006

Thomas Garson wrote:
> Has there been some kind of hidden parameter relatively recently added
> to samba 3 that identifies shares as cifs or smbfs? Is the Linux client
> programmed to react to this? Are these protocols becoming mutually
> exclusive? If any of this is true, where is the documentation? Why me?

May I suggest some reading on SMB vs. CIFS?


On the Linux side, "cifs" is the suggested replacement for the
deprecated "smbfs" kernel module.


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