[Samba] Re: Unable to modify SID for "administrator" (bug?)

Steve A gmane at rowyerboat.com
Tue Jul 4 18:38:36 GMT 2006

After changing the SID of any account, eg:

pdbedit -U S-1-5-21-2411803954-1159576741-3064619986-500 -u administrator -r

...the SID *is* changed successfully, but I get the following error:

Unable to modify TDB passwd ! Error: Record does not exist
 occured while storing the RID index (RID_000001f4)
Unable to modify entry!

>From this point on I am no longer able to change the password using 

Using pdbedit -x to remove the account gives the error "Unable to delete 
user <user>", but pdbedit -L doesn't list the account any more.

Using tdbdump I find there is a remnant left over in passdb.tdb.  Eg:

key(13) = "RID_00000bbc\00"
data(5) = "test\00"
key(13) = "INFO/version\00"
data(4) = "\02\00\00\00"

This problem only happens after changing the SID on an account.  Is it a 

Many thanks,
Steve :)

Is this a bug? 

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