[Samba] Print Options for All Users Can't Be Set on Windows 200x/XP

Adam Nielsen adam.nielsen at uq.edu.au
Tue Jul 4 01:33:55 GMT 2006

> My problem is step I. Open the Printers folder
> Where is this? the only thing I can find is "printers and faxes" in  
> control panels. Am I missing something really obvious?

Yes - it's the same thing.  It was renamed from "Printers" to "Printers
and Faxes" in XP (or maybe Win2k) but everyone still shortens it to
"Printers".  Just keep following the steps and it'll be pretty obvious
if you're in the wrong place.

There's also a step missing on that page - between C.1 and C.2, they
forgot to mention you need to right-click on the printer (i.e. step B.2
needs to be copied and inserted in between C.1 and C.2)

> why can't microsoft just use unix?



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