[Samba] Re: Trouble with PDC

Steve A gmane at rowyerboat.com
Mon Jul 3 18:48:51 GMT 2006

Pas XL wrote:
> Samba is up and working, but when i'm trying to connect to Domain
> controller through XP Pro SP2's Identification Wizard it shows error
> "Can't connect to Domain Controller.". Ethereal is catching NetBios Name
> queries to my server, but server responding "Name does not exist or
> unknown". Yet file sharing with same requests works fine(gets proper
> response). I have no DNS servers in my network. Here's my smb.conf:

I'm guessing here as I'm no Samba expert, but your Netlogon section seems to 
have duplicate entries.  Have you tried removing all restrictions from 
Netlogon as a test?  I think if a machine can't find the Netlogon share it 
won't be able to logon or join a domain.

Steve :) 

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