[Samba] cifs mounts in smbfstab

James D. Parra Jamesp at MusicReports.com
Mon Jul 3 18:10:54 GMT 2006

> I have the following in /etc/samba/smbfstab;

Don't you mean /etc/fstab?

> //msserver/share       /mnt/smb-share    cifs
> file_mode=0777,dir_mode=0777,credentials=/etc/cifsusers/admin,rw
> However, when using 'mount /mnt/smb_dir' I get;

Why are you mounting /mnt/smb_dir, when you've entered it
as /mnt/smb-share?

> mount: can't find /mnt/smb_dir in /etc/fstab or /etc/mtab
> Any ideas?

Change "/mnt/smb-share" to "/mnt/smb_dir" and move the entry
to /etc/fstab?

> I can ping by name and the mount works if in fstab.


I did mean /etc/samba/smbfstab. Documentation I read said this is where I
should state cifs mount points, although I have now abandoned that for

Mounting /mnt/smb_dir was typo in this e-mail. I meant '/mnt/smb-share'.

I finally did get this to work in /etc/fstab and with the appropriate kernel
version. The 'credentials' setting does not work in kernel version, 2.6.5,
but it does work in kernel version, 2.6.11.



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