[Samba] Questions about Samba

Steve skatzen at libertysuburban.com
Tue Jan 31 16:36:31 GMT 2006

Dear Samba Team:

I work as a systems engineer in the US for a growing publishing company.

I have been charged with doing some research that will allow us to put 
together an infrastructure for our company.
Currently we have a isolated Windows 2003 on AD domain.  My manager, for 
personal and financial reasons would like to avoid having our other 
locations, across the United States, be Microsoft.  The nature of our 
business has lead most of our users' systems to be Macintosh and we have 
many server systems that are Linux (Red Hat).  We will have over 100 
locations all within the states within a year or two.

With this background you can probably guess my interest in Samba.  
However, while I'm familiar with Microsoft servers and OS, my knowledge 
of SMB and CIFS is limited.
To converse bandwidth and improve user request/response times we would 
like to have all authentication done locally, even though we may only 
have one domain and many OUs or subdomains.

Having looked and researched your website and reading about your latest 
release (two days old), it does seem like Samba is working hard to 
incorporate the AD technology.  Since we are not in an immediate hurry 
at this time we have no experimented with 4.0.0, since you clearly state 
it's a ways away from being ready for production.

Once the bugs are fixed and patched will you believe that Samba would be 
able to meet our vision of how we would like our network to work.  One 
Microsoft DC running 2003 Active Directory, and many subdomains, or OUs 
with a Linux box taking care of all local traffic authentication, and 
file sharing.  The Linux box will need to replicate and communicate with 
the DC running AD.

I realize this may be premature, and not very detailed.  This plan is 
somewhat in a gray area at this time, and we are simply trying to get 
some preliminary research done.  If this is not the correct address or 
form in which to ask questions of this nature, I do apologize, and if 
you can respond with the proper address or link to the proper form I 
would appreciate it very much.  In addition any further research 
material or links regarding your software would be very helpful.  Thank 
you for your time.


Steve Katzen

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