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Webb, Mr Scott (CTR) WebbS at centcom.mil
Tue Jan 31 10:04:58 GMT 2006

I have Samba loaded on a Solaris 8 box. And that is where the shares
reside. Personnel use Windows Explorer and map a drive to these shares.
Right now, it's wide open for anyone logged onto the domain. I'm trying
to create a share in Samba that affords some kind of security, whether
that is password protection, or group policy that only allows certain
users access. Is this possible in Samba? To have multiple security
configs in the smb.conf? 

If so, how do I do it?


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On Tue, 2006-01-24 at 10:53 +0300, Webb, Mr Scott (CTR) wrote:
> I am trying to create an individual secure share in Samba. We have it
> loaded on a Solaris box and our users access the shares using Windows
> Explorer. It appears that everything I've read only allows me to
> secure shares for all the shares. Is there a way to create individual
> secure shares? Those can be password protected or not. 

I'm a little unclear what you mean by a 'secure share'.

Many aspects of the security protocols operate on the TCP session or the
(potentially multiple) user contexts on that session.  These include SMB
signing in particular.  

We don't get the information on what share a user is after at that
point.  However, with %L (see the manpage) we can have two virtual names
with different behaviours.

Andrew Bartlett

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