[Samba] windbind, 'template homedir', and macros

Jonathan C. Detert detertj at msoe.edu
Tue Jan 31 23:24:34 GMT 2006

I am currently using Mssfu, nss_ldap, and pam_ldap to enable my linux boxes
to auth against MsA.D. and get all their user info from MsA.D.

I recently discovered that winbind can accomplish the same without
Mssfu, as long as I'm content to be limitted by the winbind config
directives 'template shell' and 'template homedir'.  I'd like to drop
sfu if I can.

The 'template shell' limitation (all users have same login shell) is no
problem for me.

The 'template homedir' limitation (all users have homedir defined by
recognized macros) might be a problem for me: I don't want all the
homedirs to have the same parent dir, for performance reasons.

The typical example given is 'template homedir = /home/%D/%U'.  Since I
only have one MsAD domain, this is really equivalent for me to
'template homedir = /home/%U'.

Can anyone suggest a use of macros to spread the homedirs out thru
multiple hierarchies?  Does the %g macro (primary group) have meaning
without NIS or mssfu?

Happy Landings,

Jon Detert
IT Systems Administrator, Milwaukee School of Engineering
1025 N. Broadway, Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53202, U.S.A.

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