[Samba] Can I copy printer print drivers to a new server

Rob Tanner rtanner at linfield.edu
Tue Jan 31 17:39:58 GMT 2006


Since I was working from home last night and couldn't really test the 
printing (the ultimate test is to get the printed page out of the 
printer), I didn't try any setdriver commands.  Tried that this morning 
and all the pieces seem to work from the copied over driver files and 
ntdrivers.tdb.  Thanks for all your assistance

-- Rob

Adam Nielsen said the following on 01/30/2006 11:31 PM:

>>The issue of case not withstanding, notice how in the Samba-2 output, 
>>there are only two backslashes before the netbios name and the
>>Samba-3 output has four. Is that normal? Is there something I need to
>>do to fix it?
>Apparently not - I get the same thing here, on a 3.0.21rc2 server set
>up from scratch:
>Printer Driver Info 2:
>        Version: [3]
>        Driver Name: [e520]
>        Architecture: [Windows NT x86]
>        Driver Path: [\\\\PRINTERS\print$\W32X86\3\pscript5.dll]
>        Datafile: [\\\\PRINTERS\print$\W32X86\3\e520.ppd]
>        Configfile: [\\\\PRINTERS\print$\W32X86\3\ps5ui.dll]

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