[Samba] Browse List propagation under Samba

Adam Nielsen adam.nielsen at uq.edu.au
Mon Jan 30 23:33:07 GMT 2006

> It is configured as an NT domain controller and has been working
> well. I needed to add a routed (over VPN) connection to the system
> but cannot get the routed clients to access the browse list. The
> clients are all Windows XP professional. The remote client is not a
> domain member. All clients work when directly connected to the Samba
> server (broadcast), whether domain members or not.
> I run WINS support on Samba which is working. I can see my remote 
> machine registered under WINS and can query the WINS database with 
> nblookup from all clients.
> DNS is also fine (forward and reverse) from all clients. I can also 
> manually attach to a share from the routed client with a UNC-Path.
> IP connectivity is fine between all machines in the network, windows 
> connectivity also. It is just the browse list that doesn't work.

I suspect that either broadcasting isn't working, i.e. pinging
10.8.x.255 won't reach the remote clients (or pinging that from the
remote client won't reach Samba), or the remote machines are
broadcasting for the browse list instead of contacting the WINS server
directly.  Have you told the client PCs the IP of the WINS server?
(via DHCP or in the local machine's network config?)


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