[Samba] Samba and add printer drivers from xp

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Mon Jan 30 08:42:09 GMT 2006

Sorry, i send again this message because i m not sure it was realy sent the 
first time

 i use samba server with winxp box on our lan from 3 years and before i can
 "upload" the xp drivers from a xp machine to samba server without any
 problem's but recently after un hard disk crash, i upgrade my mandriva
 server to the last release mdv (2006.0)  and now i wasn t able to upload 
 drivers again, directly from the server if i do, loged in root the cmd
 addsmb -a -v evry thing go fine, from xp clients i can see the new name of
 the drivers but in the samba share of drivers there is no file in the x86
 directory ..
 so i don t hunderstant and find why the upload can t work any way
 these the error message of xp client (sorry i m french and so i put the
 message in french and try to translate it the better i can):
 french :
 "Assistant ajout de pilote d'imprimante : Impossible d'installer le pilote
 HP OfficeJet R80, windows 2000 ou XP,Intel. Impossible de terminer cette
 English :
 "Assistant addition of pilot of printer: Impossible to install the pilot HP
 OfficeJet R80, Windows 2000 or XP, INTEL. Impossible to finish this

 Perhaps if you autoriz me i can put snapshot in another mail to explain 
 i do :
 from the xp client i logon to the samba pdc with the root account, i browse
 our networ, server, printer i do a right clic and choise "propriety of
 server" i go to the driver tab and clic the add buton after i make the
 correct choise of printer model, os and so on and finaly have the error
 I try to have a simultany look of samba, cups and syslog message but 
 else bad juste when i open the printer wizard share a error in sylog who 
 : Jan 27 18:07:30 alpha smbd[4797]:   supervision ( couldn't
 find service ::{2227a280-3aea-1069-a2de-08002b30309d}
 i know this is the printer in windows registry but i don 't understand 
 the problem my var/cache/samba/printers seems to be ok and on window i 
 t another printers than printer server (one hp an one pdf).

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