[Samba] Can read but can’t write files from windows

Lee Lorimer kb0zxx at hotmail.com
Sat Jan 28 03:12:57 GMT 2006

I am relatively new to linux and have recently installed samba on my 
machine.  I have gotten it to work to the point where I can now see the 
directories and files from windows without difficulty.  I can even read the 
contents of the files from windows.

The problem comes when I attempt to write a file on one of the samba 
directories from windows.  I get a error message that says:
“You do not have permission to save in this directory.  See the 
administrator to obtain permission.”

I have verified that:
The samba directory has permissions of:  “drwxrwxrwx”
The file in question has permissions of:  “-rwxrwxrwx”

My smb.conf file contains the following line for this directory:
“read only = No”

I have created a number of shared samba directories and they all work the 
same – reading is OK but can’t write.

My samba version is 3.0.14a-2
I am running Fedora Core with kernel 2.6.14

Any suggestions?



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