[Samba] Saving MS Word Documents

Jeffrey M. Johnson jjohnson at umn.edu
Fri Jan 27 16:58:35 GMT 2006


I know this has come up before and before being chastised I spent a couple
hours reviewing the archives and could find the messages on it.

I have a user who when he attempts to save a MS Word Document (test
file.doc) to a samba share gets the following error:
Word cannot complete the save due to file permission error. 
(I:\samba\directory\test file. Doc)

The user is the owner of the directory in question
drwxrwxr-x   2 user group          512 Jan 27 10:53 . 

and when the save fails a number of temporary files are created:
-rwxrw-r--   1 user group            0 Jan 27 10:52 ~WRL0607.tmp
-rwxrw-r--   1 user group            0 Jan 27 10:51 ~WRL1263.tmp
-rwxrw-r--   1 user group            0 Jan 27 10:41 ~WRL2046.tmp
-rwxrw-r--   1 user group            0 Jan 27 10:53 ~WRL2572.tmp

I have recently upgraded to samba 3.0.21a and the user is using MS Word

As a side note this problem only effects MS Word, other applications are not

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Jeff Johnson

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