[Samba] Re: Cannot map guest shares in 'security = SERVER' mode o nsamba-3.0.9

Rex Dieter rdieter at math.unl.edu
Fri Jan 27 13:26:43 GMT 2006

Rene Kapeller wrote:
> I did read the man pages all through, but I'm lost! After struggling for 
> 4 days, I decided to step back to samba-2.2.9, where everything works fine!

Did you try the other options for 'map to guest'?

For example, "Bad User" implies that if connecting as an *existing* 
user, that maptoguest will never apply.

said manpage says "Bad Uid" was the default behavior of Samba 2.x 
releases. but you already knew that, right?  (-:  Did you you try
map to guest = Bad Uid

Now what does the samba logs say when trying to connect (and it fails)? 
  I see no reference to any "public" share in the previous logs you posted.

-- Rex

>> Rene Kapeller wrote:
>>> ================== problem =====================
>>> 'net use n: \\smbs1\public' on Windows XP, always asks for a password.
>>> 'smbmount //smbs1/public /mnt/public -o password=' does not.
>>> This all used to work fine under Redhat-9 and Samba-2.2
>> ...
>>>        map to guest = Bad User

>> man smb.conf, read up on the options available for 'map to guest'.

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