[Samba] Samba PDC with Slave LDAP server

Anthony Messina amessina at messinet.com
Fri Jan 27 13:25:11 GMT 2006

ashok cvs wrote:
> Hi all
> I have a samba PDC with LDAP with samba version 3.0.21,(domain=mydomain.com
> ).
>  the samba and openldap are configured on a single system.
>  i would like to setup samba BDC with slave LDAP server for domain
> mydomain.com
> and samba BDC is also having DNS server for domain .
> my query is, the nsswitch.conf and ldap.con of BDC should point to it's own
> LDAP server
> or Master LDAPserver
> and in smb.conf file of BDC, the passdb backed should point to master or
> slave.
> and smbpasswd -w <password>, (which password should i enter , the master
> LDAP server rootdn password or slave LDAP server rootdn passowrd)
> please guide me
> Regards
> ashok

the bdc should point to its local ldap (slave) server.  this is what 
gives you the ability to run as a *backup*.  if you had both pdc and bdc 
pointing to the master ldap server and that server went down, your bdc 
is worthless.

read the "official how-to" at samba.org.  it describes the various 
options for setting up a pdc and bdc with ldap.


by far, the best is pointing the pdc at the master ldap server 
(read/write) and pointing the bdc at the slave server (read only).

you will also need to point your nsswitch.conf and your ldap.conf on the 
  bdc to the slave server (assuming your samba bdc is on the same host 
as your slave ldap server.


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