[Samba] performance problem. big amount of net traffic for file properties

Piotr Legiecki piotrlg at sci.pam.szczecin.pl
Fri Jan 27 12:01:18 GMT 2006

Jean-Philippe FARCY wrote:
> Hi,
> We're having performance problems with some workstations (XP workstations).
> The problem we diagnosed occurs when a user right clicks on a UNC link (on his 
> desktop). The popup window only appears after 80 seconds. On another XP 
> workstation (in the same room, same switch ...), it works OK.

I have noticed the same on my XP comps, but not all. Currently I'm 
investigating the problem (maybe some NICs are not samba-friendly ;-)? 
The problematic machine uses Asus mainborad A8Vdeluxe (with marvel yukon 
ethernet card)

Samba 3.0.14a/Debian stable.

Piotr L.

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