[Samba] Novice question - How to completely disable printing and /etc/printcap errors ?

Elizabeth Schwartz betsy.schwartz at gmail.com
Thu Jan 26 18:31:19 GMT 2006

I'm running Samba 3.0.21a (blastwave build) on Solaris 9. The Solaris
servers have no printers attached or accessible, just file service. Samba
users authenticate off a Win2003 AD controller and get printing from that.

I got rid of the "Unable to connect to CUPS Server" errors by adding to
smb.conf the line
but I am still getting
 smbd[4809]: [ID 702911 daemon.error]   Unable to open printcap file
/etc/printcap for read!

Is there a way to get rid of this error short of recompiling?  (it is nice
to be using the

thanks Betsy

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