[Samba] Odd Samba behavior using Windows XP client API RemoveDirectory function

Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at samba.org
Wed Jan 25 17:34:14 GMT 2006

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Jean Cyr wrote:
> I'm having problems with a utility I wrote deleting folders from a
> Thecus N4100 Samba based fileserver. I do not have access or control
> over its Samba config file and this may not be a Samba problem but
> perhaps someone here can point me in the right direction???
> When I issue a Windows API RemoveDirectory function against an empty
> folder residing on a Samba share, the function returns with a success
> return code but does not delete the folder! This is a known problem
> and is documented in the Cygwin rmdir command as occurring when the
> folder is flagged as read-only, which is the Samba default.

See the 'map readonly' smb.conf(5) parameter in 3.0.21.
Or the better solution is to use 'store dos attributes'
parameter with file system EAs.

cheers, jerry
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