[Samba] windows print migrator + "add printer command"

Aarti Varshney (asadhnan) asadhnan at cisco.com
Wed Jan 25 20:50:11 GMT 2006

hi Geoff,
Looks like you have figured out how to use the printmig.exe.
Can you please give me some pointers:
I am trying to migrate print queues from a windows server to a samba
this is what I did:
1. I ran printmig.exe on the windows server. 
2. Backed up the printers on the windows servers to a cab file.
3. Tries to restore the printers to the sambashare by specifying the
target as //sambaShare.
But I get the following error: 
2006:01:25 15:35:38   Access Granted to: \\sambaShare
2006:01:25 15:35:38   Couldn't start the target spooler
2006:01:25 15:35:38   Remote Tree View Failed
How do I starter the target spooler?
Do I need some config in smb.conf?
In smb.conf I have a addprinter command.

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