[Samba] Joining AIX 5.3 samba server into an AD domain

Dan Engelsen sambanovice at yahoo.com
Tue Jan 24 17:37:42 GMT 2006

I have an AIX server running AIX 5.3 and samba 3.0.21a
that I recently compiled.  I am looking for detailed
instructions on how to join the AIX 5.3 Samba Server
into the AD domain.  All of the information that I
have been able to find is for Linux.  Is there a
document that describes what filesets I need to have
installed and how the configure the samba server and
AIX server to join the AD domain?  I have the O'Reilly
Samba book, but it does not really describe how to do
this for AIX.

Thanks in advance.

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