[Samba] create smbpasswd/tdbsam from ldapsam/LDAP query?

Tomasz Chmielewski mangoo at wpkg.org
Tue Jan 24 09:45:23 GMT 2006

Ilia Chipitsine schrieb:


>>> pdbedit
>>> it is beatiful thing for converting from anything to anything :-)
>> Almost.
>> I don't see if it can "convert" ldapsam to /etc/passwd and /etc/group.
> use it to convert ldapsam ---> smbpasswd
> it will handle users, not groups.
> and some awk hacking will be required also.

As you said, smbpasswd has no group ID entries.
So even if I convert the smbpasswd file into /etc/passwd file, it will 
have no group IDs (or rather some group ID I pick).

And still there is a problem with creating /etc/group.

Without group info, files will have wrong permissions, which is not 
really a solution for me.

So I'm afraid I'll end up with some complicated ldapsearch/sed/awk script :(

Tomasz Chmielewski

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