[Samba] SAMBA 3.0.14a;Slow samba connections from a virtual server

John Hyde jhyde06 at gmail.com
Tue Jan 24 08:37:12 GMT 2006

Mapping Samba shares from this particular server is either getting slow or
rarely getting denied.

Occasional error messages in log.smbd
[2005/07/24 08:40:39, 1] auth/auth_server.c:(363)
  password server PASS_SERVER rejected the password

I have configured a virtual server here, not using the real host name.
( Physical :; virtual:


# Global parameters
        workgroup = virtual_s.biz
        netbios name = virtual_s
        server string = virtual_s
        interfaces =
        bind interfaces only = Yes
        security = SERVER
        password server = pass_server
        username map = /export/apps/samba/lib/username.map
        max log size = 50000
        name resolve order = host
        deadtime = 30
        max open files = 5000
        socket options = TCP_NODELAY SO_RCVBUF=8192 SO_SNDBUF=8192
        load printers = No
        show add printer wizard = No
        lm announce = No
        preferred master = No
        domain master = No
        browse list = No
        enhanced browsing = No
        dns proxy = No
        kernel oplocks = No
        invalid users = root, bin, daemon, sys, adm, uucp, lp, nuucp, www,
        create mask = 0644
        directory mask = 0755
        dont descend = /dev,/etc,/sbin,/var,/bin,/kernel,/platform


Here is the error message from log.nmbd on the *password server*

[2005/07/24 11:55:55, 1] nmbd/nmbd_incomingrequests.c:(328)
  process_node_status_request: status request for name PASS_SERVER.BIZ<1c>
from IP on subnet UNICAST_SUBNET - name not found.

Client OS: Windows XP
Unix version: Solaris 8

If anyone can help, I would be much appreciative.


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