[Samba] Can't Connect to Shares

Eric Hines eehines at comcast.net
Tue Jan 24 03:44:48 GMT 2006

At 01/22/06 22:06, Adam Nielsen wrote:
> >          wbinfo -u ==> error looking up domain users
> >          wbinfo -g ==> error looking up domain groups
>You do have winbindd running, don't you?  If so, it looks like you
>haven't joined the domain correctly which I suspect is the cause of all
>the problems.  'net testjoin' should return OK if you've successfully

Yes, winbindd is running.  I assume this has to be done on the Samba 
machine; no such options (join, testjoin, etc) exist on the Win2k 
PC.  I ran, on the Samba machine, both <test join> and <test join 
PDC> (as I have the Samba set for being a PDC), and the commands 
claimed success at completion, and net rpc testjoin returned "Join to 
'ASTRA_ENT' is ok."  However, both joins also gave the message 
:"ads_connect: Transport endpoint is not connected."  I'm assuming 
(hoping) that's because I'm not running ADS.

However, <smbclient //server/share -U user> still returns the 
NT_STATUS_NETWORK_NAME error, and <wbinfo -u> and <wbinfo -g> both 
return the same errors as above.  And when I try to get my Win2k PC 
to join the domain (My Computer|Properties|Network ID tab|Properties) 
I get the credentials conflict, whether I use my root|passwd or a 
Windows' Admin|passwd authentication.  And I still can't connect to 
any of the three shares--same NT_STATUS_NETWORK_NAME errors.

There is some progress, though; <nmblookup -B <server> __SAMBA__ now 
returns the correct answer.

What else do I need to look for?  I assume I still need to get the PC 
to join the domain, but how?


Thanks  for your help.

Eric Hines

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