[Samba] Samba PDC machine login access

Roy McMorran mcmorran at mdibl.org
Mon Jan 23 16:46:26 GMT 2006

I am using Samba 3.0.20b as a PDC with an OpenLDAP back end.  It works 

Many of my users have login access as well as access to Samba shares, so 
they have a shell, auto_home, etc. in the LDAP directory.  I'd like to 
restrict their ability to log in to a shell on the PDC machine though.  
I tried using passwd_compat in nsswitch.conf and putting selected 
netgroups in the passwd file.  However, this knocks the excluded users 
out of the NT domain as well.  I thought "ldapsam:trusted = yes" might 
be a step in the right direction, but no.  This is a Solaris 9 system, 
BTW.  Any thoughts?



Roy McMorran
Systems Administrator
MDI Biological Laboratory
mcmorran at mdibl.org

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