[Samba] Can't Connect to Shares

Adam Nielsen adam.nielsen at uq.edu.au
Mon Jan 23 04:06:01 GMT 2006

>          wbinfo -u ==> error looking up domain users
>          wbinfo -g ==> error looking up domain groups

You do have winbindd running, don't you?  If so, it looks like you
haven't joined the domain correctly which I suspect is the cause of all
the problems.  'net testjoin' should return OK if you've successfully

> returns "Num domain groups: 5" and "Num local groups: 0."  I only 
> have 1 domain, so I guess I'm not understanding these responses
> completely.

This means there are five groups in your domain, and none created on
the local Samba machine.

> The offending share setup from smb.conf (I've only enclosed one;

This looks fine, I suspect you need to look elsewhere to fix the
problem (like the join to the domain.)


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