[Samba] Samba DC / Win XP password expiry issue

Andy Hall andyjohnhall at gmail.com
Sat Jan 21 22:58:45 GMT 2006

Hello there,

I run Samba 2.2.12 on RH7.3 acting as a domain controller. Until recently
this has just had W2K clients connecting to it with no problems.

I have now started adding WinXP clients, which have produced an issue
regarding password expiry.

Every now and again these XP clients - just after logging into the domain -
state to the user that their password will expire in 14 days. They can
change it if they wish, and although I'm aware it's probably good policy, I
don't actually want to implement this. It's becoming a bind for them and I'm
getting complaints.

I've had a thorough look into this issue, but still cannot find a
resolution. I have edited all local and account policy security settings on
the clients, but to no avail. I'm fairly certain it's a Samba issue.

Can anyone explain to me what the cause of this is and how I can stop it
occurring? I would be most grateful for any help received.

Thanks very much,

Andrew Hall.

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