[Samba] SeBackupPrivilege

samba at divus.org samba at divus.org
Sun Jan 22 03:58:05 GMT 2006

Lawrence Walton wrote:
 > sounds like the kernel does not have cifs support. Or you don't have
 > mount.cifs.

Right, I don't, which is why I originally responded with:

"How would one do that?  I installed 3.0.21a from the RedHat .src.rpm 
(rpmbuild --rebuild <src.rpm file>; rpm -ivh 
/usr/src/redhat/RPMS/i386/samba-3.0.21a-1.src.rpm) and don't seem to 
have the mount.cifs present... "

It doesn't appear that 'mount.cifs' is part of the most recent Samba 

 > lsmod | grep cifs

server:~# lsmod | grep cifs
cifs                  167353  0


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