[Samba] SeBackupPrivilege

samba at divus.org samba at divus.org
Sun Jan 22 02:00:48 GMT 2006

On Sat, 21 Jan 2006, Lawrence Walton wrote:
> Why not use cifs instead of smbfs? seems to work better 
> for me.

How would one do that?  I installed 3.0.21a from the RedHat 
.src.rpm (rpmbuild --rebuild <src.rpm file>; rpm -ivh 
/usr/src/redhat/RPMS/i386/samba-3.0.21a-1.src.rpm) and don't 
seem to have the mount.cifs present...

Also, don't smbget and smbtar both talk cifs and/or smbfs? 
Both utilities also fail to read the affected files.

[root at matrix ~]# apropos cifs
mount.cifs [mount]   (8)  - mount using the Common Internet 
File System (CIFS)
net                  (8)  - Tool for administration of Samba 
and remote CIFS servers
samba                (7)  - A Windows SMB/CIFS fileserver 
for UNIX
smbclient            (1)  - ftp-like client to access 
SMB/CIFS resources on servers
smbd                 (8)  - server to provide SMB/CIFS 
services to clients
smbtar               (1)  - shell script for backing up 
SMB/CIFS shares directly to UNIX tape drives

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