[Samba] ldap filter

Remy Zandwijk remy.zandwijk at falw.vu.nl
Sat Jan 21 17:06:02 GMT 2006

R.J. Baart wrote:
> I've read that the smb.conf configuration option "ldap filter" is removed after 
> samba version 3.0.14. Why is that? I could not found an explanation or work 
> around.
> For one of the networks we maintain it is a very crucial  option because in 
> one LDAP directory are 5 domains stored. With 
>     ldap filter = (&(sambaDomainName=<DOMAIN_NAME>)(uid=%u))
> we make these samba-servers work without a problem. But if we can't filter 
> username, SID's and groupname are not proper seperated.

I have a situation were the ldap filter option is needed as well. It's 
very anoying this was removed from Samba. Never read an explanation 
either, only 'configure your nss_ldap to relfect the ldap filter', which 
is not really an option on our Solaris 9 systems. Samba Team, please 
give us back the 'ldap filter' option!


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