[Samba] Re: SUSE 10.0 and firewall

Oygle nospam at jehoshua.biz
Sat Jan 21 12:27:22 GMT 2006

Hi Robert,

On Fri, 20 Jan 2006 11:13:30 +0100, Robert Schetterer
<robert at schetterer.org> wrote:

>simple file sharing is a thing from windows not known to linux, and it 
>only relates to that  win client where you enable it. ( so it doesnt 
>matter if you do so ,or not for samba )

Okay, undertood, as the Xp and Linux computer are not used by a number
of users, then it is best to leave it on with XP, it makes sharing a
lot easier, although it does open up quite a lot.

>samba knows a security level which is named share which is "something" 
>equal, read the smb faqs to that.

I don't know much about Linux and security, but will try to digest a
bit later next week.

>Wins browsing stuff will work fine if  you  let act  samba as wins 
>server ( there  should be only one in the network )
>and give the ip of the wins ( samba server ) to the win client in the 
>properties of tcp by your windows client nic.

Yes, that was eventually how I was able to get Linux/samba to be able
to view the complete XP computer.

I can now see _all_ of the XP computer from SUSE/Linux, using
Konqueror, or even just one of the file browsers. So the Linux --> XP
side is working fine. I did have to turn off the SUSE firewall though,
and try SO much in the DNS, WINS, domians, hostnames, etc side of the
XP box, until finally I can see all the XP box (it has simple file
sharing enabled).

As you say, Samba is the WINS server, and I had to tell XP the IP of
the Linux/samba computer.

(Bit annoying having to turn the firewall off in Linux to get Samba to
work though, it must be just a port blocked, surely.)

Basically, there is now only one problem, and it has to do with
permissions on the SUSE/Linux computer, here is what happens

XP box

Explorer - I can see the NETBIOS name of the Linux computer, it will
show all the shares as well, I click on a share, prompt for
username/pwd, but it refuses to allow the details (yes, I have the
same user setup on both computers).


I browse and see 'windows network', and can then see those same
shares, setup under Samba. I click on a share name, it prompts for
username/pwd, ... same problem, will not let me in.

>A internal name server ( bind 9 ) is pretty good to have too. ( wich can 
>dynamicly updated by the client machines ), so this can act as fallback 
>to wins.
>You can easily manage this stuff having a dhcp server on the linux 
>machine bound to the intranet nic, and tell all windows clients
>to use dhcp this makes sure that all machines get the right win server 
>entry, and the router ip , domainname , name server etc.

I currently use the modem/router for the DHCP server, and if, for some
reason I had the Linux computer turned off, then I wouldn't want the
Linux box to be the DHCP server, ... best to leave it done on the
modem/router (firewall also).

>for now try this on the explorer of the win client \\ip.of..smb.ser.ver 
>( for sure you need numbers here ) this should show you shares on the 
>samba server

Yes, that works, also I can use the NETBIOS name as well.



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