[Samba] Samba drop-box (on a sub-directory)

sean wingert seanw at norrstev.com
Fri Jan 20 20:29:41 GMT 2006

Hi Samba experts,

I have a SAMBA 3 (compiled using --with-acl-support) Debian 2.6.12 kernel
(compiled with POSIX ACLS) box. I need to create a folder structure like

      folder 1
            folder 1-1
            folder 1-2 (dropbox -- users can write but not delete)

      folder 2
            folder 2-1
            folder 2-2

How do I do that? I need to allow read-only access to files after writing

Here's what I have (but it's not working) ==================================

nt acl support = true
netbios name = acl
kernel change notify = yes
inherit permissions = yes
inherit acls = yes
inherit owner = yes
acl group control = yes

path = /home/user1
browseable = Yes
writeable = Yes
hide unreadable = yes



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